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Paws of War Florida Chapter

Donations will help both Florida's shelter dogs and veterans! We are presently seeking a facility for training as well as some equipment.

Every Wednesday, a dedicated group of men and women meet in Palm Coast, FL for an intense training session.  The goal is to train their shelter dogs through the Paws of War Florida Chapter.  This group consists of veterans, as well as local law enforcement, and a retired firefighter.  All of the dogs are rescues, many from our local humane society.   

Lauren Driscoll, originally from NY is the Director of Paws of War's Florida Chapter and has trained 15 service dogs in Florida since 2016.  She is married to a US Army veteran, and her son is currently serving in the USMC. Driscoll uses her many years of experience as a dog trainer to fulfill her desire to help others.  For her and all of the volunteers, it is a labor of love for the veterans who have served our Country, and the dogs who make a difference in their lives. 

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