Flashbacks can happen when sound, smell or sight causes someone to relive a traumatic experience. A person suffering from a flashback may only give off small physical signs like disassociation or a shift in eye focus. It may be hard for people to notice these signs, but dogs are able to pick up on the subtle shifts in focus. A service dog is trained to intervene when a person is suffering from a flashback to direct the attention back to a positive environment.

A service dog will need to be trained on what method it should use to intervene with the individual suffering from a flashback. Dogs can jump, bark, wine, nudge, or have other physical interjections that can shift focus, but depending on the individual these actions may not be the best fit. That is why at Paws of War we continue the training process with you to make sure that your service dog has the right skills and practices to positively interject themselves during a flashback.


Remembering a traumatic experience can leave people suffering from PTSD to go into states of fear and delusion when doing daily activities. Someone suffering from PTSD could be misled by their natural instinct leaving them to fear daily activities and environments that are otherwise safe places. resulting in a fear of going outdoors or being near people.

The bond made between a service dog and their owner is crucial and allows someone with PTSD to trust the instincts of their dog. A dog offers safety and security in environments that someone could fear like supermarkets, subways, amusement parks, and shopping centers. Your service dog will always be by your side for assistance and support and will make daily activities easier for you.


Post Traumatic stress disorder can cause people to go into states of extreme anxiety when thinking about going outside. Past traumatic memories can have a negative impact on someone’s ability to rationalize daily activities and chores like going outside of the house or getting out of bed.

A service dog will give you a new and positive perspective on some daily tasks. Taking care of a dog adds new daily activities to your schedule that are fun and rewarding.